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The new era for E-commerce

Hello everyone, my fellow blockchain believers I have come today with a another amazing news which will not only put food in your table for also secured a life time investment for your children. Since the blockchian of a thing came on board and bitcoin was introduced in the year 2008 I have not come across any platform which or will I say E-commerce which gives users a get back policy. Allow me to introduce to you the new Era of E-commerce "Comercex".

What is Comercex?
This is a platform that is built by group of professionals with the aim of providing a profitable and an amazing platform for everyone.

The main vision and goal of this great platform is customers satisfactions first before any other thing can follow. 
Their main vision and mission is to satisfy members financial needs and help them succeed in eCommerce space. They aim to contribute towards the development and growth of the industry by fostering high standards of professionalism and promoting exemplary practice among our users.They are unlike any program you have ever encountered before. Comercex is built with sustainability in mind. And when i say sustainability, Iam talking about years and not just a few months. They believe in delivering real, established and stable business model which operates worldwide. There is no better time than now to take the next step on the path to success with Registration and participation is completely free of charge! Sign up and start benefiting from eCommerce and daily dividents. why not hurry now and join the ruling platform.

Why Comercex?
You may be wondering why should i choose Comercex as a point of investment instead of other eCommerce, the answer is right below;

and not only that and some numerous features which are listed below;

STABLE INCOME: As soon as you create your account with Comercex you have already make wave for financial freedom, whatever you deposit will generate up to 15% profit per week for you which you.

COMPANY TRANSPARENCY: The platform does not hide anything from the customers and for that they have made the platform so transparent which will enable everyone to see the income which the company is making on a daily basis and the number of deposit that is coming in, in a day.  Company provides weekly income reports on all activities, as well all company news, updates and future plans of company.

SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE:  Invest, starting as low as 20$ with experts in eCommerce space. To do this, you do not need knowledge or experience in managing stores or creating online brands, but all you have to do is to make a move by using just depositing as little as you can and watch the platform the rest job for you.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM:  We offer very profitable marketing plans. You can develop your team and earn up to 18% from all of your referrals investments. As well to develop Leadership ranks and get activity bonuses.

FAST WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawal requests are processed everyday. All payments are made within 36hours. Investors may make unlimited amount of withdrawal requests per day. It is not like other platforms which will give you a daily withdrawal limit to your fund by so doing dinning you access to your own hard earn money .

BONUSES: Every registered member receives 100$ registration bonus, to test the system. As well bounty bonuses, members can make simple tasks and get daily rewards. Up to 15% first deposit bonus. Contests and many more. And it is not just as bonus in other platform which will offer you a bonus of about 10,000$ which can only be used in the platform but will not allow you to withdraw or even gain anything from it. . in Comercex it is not so, the 100$ bonus given to every newly registered member will be generating income on a daily basis for the users which can be withdraw at anytime either to the users bitcoin, etheruem and any online wallet depending on the choice of the owner.

DEPOSIT BACK ANYTIME: Investors may withdraw their initial deposit Anytime they wish. There is NO service fee for early withdrawal. If you are not satisfied with our company products just contact support to withdraw your initial deposit. This feature sweet me the most, because even the banks don’t have such. In comercex you have control to your access at anytime that you want it is all yours.

Why still waste another day ?
Hurry up now and get your account opened

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

The Problem facing Nigeria Petroleum Company

Nigeria boasts the largest economy on the African continent; her Gross Domestic Product, GDP, of US$573.652 billion in 2014, exceeded the next-largest, South Africa by more than 50%. With an output of about 2 million barrels per day (bpd), the country, a member of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, also produced more crude oil than any African country in 2014. Nigeria has also been a destination for significant Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Oil majors Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total and Eni have invested billions of dollars in the country’s deep offshore projects. Gross Domestic Product 2014 - Top African CountriesPetroleum resources provide more than 80% of the country’s export revenue; however, the slump in crude oil prices from over US$100 per barrel mid-2014 to less than US$40 per barrel at present, has severely affected her foreign exchange earnings. The country’s reserves have fallen by more than a quarter from January 2014 levels. According to Reuters, the fall in reserves was due in the main, to sale of dollars by the central bank in order to defend her currency, the naira, which was pressurized by falling oil prices. Nigeria’s growth in real GDP has also fallen, in sympathy with global crude oil prices, as has FDI. In 2014 for example, FDI ― of which Nigeria's Foreign Exchange Reserves (2014 - 2015)the oil and gas sector takes a significant proportion ― fell by about 16% from the previous year, according to World Bank data, following slumping oil prices.
The impact has been palpable. Many state and local governments are having great difficulty paying salaries and meeting other recurrent expenditure obligations with little left for embarking on capital projects. The country’s recent banking and currency restrictions were attributed to banks’ inability to meet foreign exchange obligations.
Nigeria - Real GDP Growth (Y-on-Y) vs Oil Price (Brent)
The country’s president last week presented a budget of 6.08 trillion naira (about US$31 billion) for 2016 to the National Assembly. The proposed budget boasts a record increase in non-oil revenue streams. However, some analysts have been quick to point out that the country’s reference crude oil price has already fallen ― even if briefly ― below budgetary provisions and that even some of the proposed “non-oil” revenue streams depend on oil for viability.
With the current low oil price regime projected to endure, a strategic reassessment of the petroleum sector’s business modelis imperative.
That reassessment must start with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, the country’s state-owned oil company, which has for decades held the conflicting roles of industry player and regulator; and these while administering the country’s petroleum proceeds. The independent, non-profit advocacy, Natural Resources Governance Institute, NRGI, in a recent submission held that:
NNPC’s approach to oil sales suffers from high corruption risks and fails to maximize returns for the nation. These shortcomings also characterize NNPC as a whole. Over 38 years, the corporation has neither developed its own commercial or operational capacities, nor facilitated the growth of the sector through external investment. Instead, it has spun a legacy of inefficiency and mismanagement.
The company’s recently-appointed group managing director, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu who doubles as the minister of state for petroleum resources, is an industry veteran. Dr. Kachikwu, who until his appointment was Executive Vice Chairman ExxonMobil (Africa), has already committed to a rapid restructuring of not only the company but also the oil and gas sector as a whole.
Secondly, the lack of a proper energy policy vector has inhibited any meaningful value addition to Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. The Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, designed to bring transparency as well as other global best practices and standards to her oil and gas sector has been languishing in the legislature since 2009. Several, often conflicting versions of the bill have been bandied about and uncertainties associated with the delayed passage has led to divestment by the majors with dire prospects for the country’s productivity.
Further, Petronas (Malaysia) and Petrobras (Brazil) are two state-controlled oil companies from emerging economies just as NNPC is. Petronas, formed in 1974, about three years before NNPC has grown to be one of the world’s largest integrated, international oil companies with more than 100 wholly-owned subsidiaries and business interests in more than 30 countries. Petrobras conducted a record share sale worth about US$72.8 billion in 2010 and, according to Bloomberg, immediately became the world’s fourth-largest company by market capitalization. Petrobras is currently a world leader in technology development for deep offshore and ultra-deep offshore oil production. Both Petronas (68) and Petrobras (28) are currently ranked on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2015. NNPC, in contrast has comparatively few external business interests and over the last decade accounted for less than 5% of Nigeria’s crude oil output; during that period, its aggregate refining capacity utilization was less than 30%. The company has scarcely been able to meet its joint venture financial obligations and its midstream and downstream infrastructures rest in various states of disrepair.
In addition, while the United States, the erstwhile principal importer of the country’s crude oil, was developing her domestic shale oil program, Nigeria made no effort to search for alternative export markets. The U.S has all but quit importation of Nigeria’s crude oil, the latter accounting for less than 1% of her imports in 2014. According to Argus, at least 10 cargoes of Nigeria’s reference crude remained unsold at the end of the first week of December. Such cargoes are often frittered away at sub-value prices, the nation worse for it. In contrast, Saudi Arabia for example, made a proactive downstream investment in Asia, a significant energy consumer, to maintain market share and sustain her economy in a slumping oil price regime.
A third and rather intractable challenge to Nigeria’s petroleum resources management is the issue of proper product pricing. Selected National Gasoline Prices (21 December 2015)
About 75% to 80% of the country’s refined products consumption is imported, and at higher prices than if such products were refined locally. This snafu is an abnormality for a high-volume oil producer. A massive subsidy regime emplaced as a shield against the vagaries of international oil prices, and which has been a disincentive to downstream (refining and marketing) investment, completes the vicious circle.
The subsidy regime is not only unsustainable, it also fails to keep product prices at target levels. In 2011 for example, total product price subsidy amounted to US$8 billion according to the country’s Ministry of Finance records. That value was also about 118% of capital budget. Household kerosene, which is a common cooking fuel, often sells for about twice the subsidized price, and that, when the fuel is available. Subsidy has also meant that products are easily carted across Nigeria’s largely unprotected borders and sold at high premiums. Gasoline prices in neighboring countries such as Cameroon (US$1.07/liter), Benin (US$0.93/liter) and Niger (US$0.84/liter) for example, stand at more than double the value in Nigeria (US$0.42/liter).
Such activities constitute a large capital drain and contribute to shortfalls in national product supply. Forensic accountants estimate that payments for undelivered or round-tripped product cargoes account for up to 30% of total subsidy payout; and motorists often spend hours ― even days during festive seasons such as Christmas ― in gasoline queues which can be several kilometers long.
The necessity for subsidy removal is undeniable. However, the socio-economic shock from a one-step (immediate and total) removal is bound to cause more ills than it intended to cure. A phased and bench-marked approach would be a more effective application. Dr. Kachikwu has just announced that current product imports are not being subsidized. It is not clear however, if the whole subsidy program has been abrogated or if that was just a reflection of current global crude oil prices.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Causes of infertility (Men)

the traditional African setting, bearing children was considered part and parcel of life. A man was expected to marry a woman and bear many children to carry on the family name. In the event the couple didn’t have children in the first few months of marriage, family and inlaws would ask what they were waiting for. Should they get to their second wedding anniversary without a baby in tow, the man would get pressured to look for another wife who would be able to bear children.

Quite often, the lack of children was blamed on the infertility of the woman who would then be shunned. It was unheard of for a man to be termed as infertile.

But with the advancement in fertility health, it has become clear that both partners play a part in the siring of children. These advancements have also been useful in identifying why some men are infertile.

Lifestyle changes, illnesses and conditions one has from childhood have been blamed for the increased levels of infertility in men. According to African Woman and Child Feature Services, lifestyle habits like smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day and drinking too much alcohol can reduce not only the sperm count but also the ability of the sperm to move around.

Other lifestyle-related habits include being overweight, taking drugs, depression and emotional stress, contribute.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Freedom to Job seeking (Mycrojob)

21st century is one of the best centuries I have ever experience; it has blessed the people of this present generation with some amazing features which have made our daily life activity very easier and simple for us. This is a century that is being blessed with the two most innovating technology which is the blockchain and internet. With the help of this two technology, most people are now billionaires, millionaires. With the help of the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has been introduced to us. Today almost half of the world makes use of the fiat or digital currency in one way or the other in running transaction and making payments online transferring money from one country to the other. Even with all this which the blockchain technology has done, there is still an area of life which ;it has not yet touch, and this area is very important to human which enable them to make a living. And this aspect is Job finding, for the past years since the blockchain was introduced I have been running series of research on how to make a job seeking easier until I ran into an amazing platform “Mycro”
In a layman language ; Mycro is a blockchain technology platform which enable users to find there dream job in their fingertips. Check the video below to verify my statement; 

According to research the major problems which we have in life apart passing through our academic stress and acquiring a degree is how to get a dream job.
The only solution to the problem which is mentioned above is Mycro, it is the only platform which is capable of eradicating the problem and make it a thing of the past. You may be wondering how this can be done. This can be done by the following;
Once you are on the Mycro community and part of the platform either as a job seeker or as an employee, the platform will provide you a feature which allows you to apply for any job of your choice. And you can also create job advertisement. It also allow user to clearly state the kind of job they want to apply for either full time, or part time job and they can also upload there picture and other credentials which can give the employee a better details of the jobber. From there the employee can select the applicant who is best feet for the job. Look at the image below to see how Mycro will help you find a job

As simple as that, why not hurry now and join these amazing platform.
In other for any business to stand firm and strong there most be something making it to operate effectively, the Mycro platform has decided to operate with a token called MYO token and this token is an ERC20 compatible token this mean that it can be on Myetherwallet and can also be traded on exchanges.  

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Cybermiles the new decentralized Smart Contracts for E-Commerce CyberMiles’ testnet, Travis, now activated

Cybermiles the new decentralized Smart Contracts for E-Commerce
CyberMiles’ testnet, Travis, now activated

In this present era of blockchain and internet age most people still find it very difficult to understand how to be very successful in business with the help of the internet and blockchain especially that of ecommerce, the curiosity of how to find a social to this problem have lead me to a decentralized blockchain empowered platform
What is Cybermiles?
Cybermiles is a smart contract platform optimize for e-commerce at scale and high throughput . It is also an organization restricted by ensure to be consolidated in Hong Kong and administered in a not-revenue driven way. It will work intently with 5miles LLC ("5miles"), with the point of creating CyberMiles: a people to come blockchai,  enhanced for web based business and intended for standard reception.

What do I mean by 5miles?
5miles is a leader in consumer-to-consumer (“c2c”) e-commerce in the United States. Its flagship application, the 5miles app, has over 10 million registered American users, and is estimated to surpass $3 billion in total transaction value in 2017. The 5miles app is rated a top 10 shopping application in the United States. On average, 5miles users spend 24 minutes per day on the app, making it easily one of the most engaging e-commerce apps in the US. 5miles has been active in the research and development of blockchain technologies. They believe that blockchain technologies could provide natural solutions to common problems in a c2c e-commerce network. For example, the blockchain network’s mechanism for reaching consensus amongst non-cooperative strangers (that is, reaching the Nash equilibrium of the network) is a key feature that could allow c2c sellers and buyers to reach agreements, and hence greatly reduce the cost associated with customer support and dispute resolutions. The blockchain network’s digital token could provide a very efficient in-network settlement currency, and greatly reduce transaction costs. It could also act as a springboard for members of the community to create their own initiative, creating a strong network effect. The blockchain network’s decentralized computing infrastructure could ensure that the marketplace will never go offline, and significantly reduce certain operator’s IT expenses. Furthermore, blockchain technology could facilitate and even automate business transactions through the use of smart contracts and an immutable ledger.

You may be tempted to ask what exactly is the vision of this platform, in life anyone without a vision is working without any hope of achieving a goal. Cybermiles vision is to eliminate the way at which online market funds are being at risks, and enable them to achieve their goal.  more interest and business on 5miles. In essence, 5miles has been building an online ecosystem that leverages geographic proximity between users to create vibrant marketplaces. Certain platforms that allow c2c trading have harnessed the internet to better connect buyers and sellers. They encourage the resale of products across different categories and geographic markets. However, these platforms are also centrally managed, running all the functions such as listings review, dispute resolution, payments, and allocation of user traffic. As a result of centralizing all these functions and limiting payment solutions to a handful of providers, the total costs of conducting business can be as high as 15% of the merchandise value. Furthermore, in pursuit of greater scalability on its centralized functions, many of the products sold such platforms often come from larger, more established merchants, selling products with larger inventory. From its formation in 2014, 5miles has set out to establish a very different kind of marketplace, one that was built to enable truly c2c transactions and unlock value from pre-existing merchandise. Its platform is completely mobile-based, enabling real-time, location-specific communication to finalize deals amongst friends and strangers alike in a safe environment. Due to its market-by-market focus, 5miles has also been an important tool for many local businesses, who otherwise would have been closed out from online marketing, which usually favors businesses with deeper pockets and advanced technical capabilities to run online campaigns. All users, from casual shoppers to business accounts, have unique user profiles, peer ratings and reviews, ensuring that good marketplace participants would naturally garner. And many others which are being listed in the whitepaper;

It is fully compatible with Ethereum and can run all Ethereum smart contracts and Dapps. Yet it is 100 times faster than Ethereum in terms of transaction per second (TPS).

It is safer than Ethereum. The CyberMiles blockchain proactively stops common smart contract bugs that had caused loss of fund on Ethereum. And if a loss of fund still occurs, CyberMiles supports an on-chain governance process to transparently recover the fund through community consensus.

It is more user-friendly and cheaper to use than Ethereum. The CyberMiles blockchain waives transaction fees for most common operations. It achieves this without sacrificing security of the network.

The CyberMiles Foundation's order is to grow an open biological system of computerized administrations that shoppers can without much of a stretch investigate and discover an incentive in, while giving engineers an open and manageable stage to create, convey, and upgrade those administrations and pull in clients. To satisfy its main goal, the CyberMiles Foundation will commit assets to three particular objectives identified with examine, advancement, and administration as portrayed underneath;

A.      Governance goals The Foundation proposes to dedicate resources to establish a fair and transparent governance process that will take into account the voices and needs of all participants within the ecosystem. This open governance model would oversee decisions related to the membership process, participation rules, token issuance, pricing rules, legal matters, and content and compliance guidelines. The CyberMiles Foundation would be responsible for administering and overseeing the security of the CMT reserve, as well as transparency in its use of CMT and any token proceeds.

B.      Research goals The CyberMiles Foundation aims to foster an environment of innovation by working with partners to test new ways to participate in the ecosystem and drive value creation and network effects. The CyberMiles Foundation could fund research and development efforts to support an autonomous network that is secure and effective in providing business transaction services.
C.      Development goals The CyberMiles Foundation proposes to direct and fund the development of the CyberMiles blockchain itself, as well as tools that give ecosystem partners the ability to build, grow, and create value for one another. As part of this process, 5miles proposes to make its own codebase available as an open source project that can be leveraged to power new communities and add capabilities to existing ones. The CyberMiles Foundation would further this work by engaging development teams to continue improving the technology suite supporting the CyberMiles Ecosystem, and will maintain an open source codebase that ecosystem participants can use.

Economy aspect of Cybermiles
At CyberMiles, our mission is to build a decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce. Much of this work is to design and implement an economic system. The network must be able to attract a diverse group of participants to share resources in order to truly achieve network effect. Core to the CyberMiles design is economic incentives provided by the CyberMiles Token (CMT).

CMT as a base token
All CMT holders can participate in network governance and maintenance by delegating his or her tokens to “validators” on the network. The validators are professional network operators who compete for the privilege of validating transactions on the CyberMiles network (and hence maintaining its integrity). In return, the validators receive newly “minted” CMTs via our 8% annual inflation and also receive transaction fees for Smart Business Contracts they execute. The validators typically split earnings with his or her delegators. The algorithm to select validators is public and built into the blockchain protocol, and cannot be tempered with by human operators — it ensures the diversity of validators and prevents centralization of power.

CMT Token Issuance The CyberMiles Foundation proposes to initially generate and issue 1 billion CMT, however over time, this may expand and be capped at 10 billion CMT. Further information about when and to whom CMT are proposed to be allocated can be found below. Upon the completion of the proposed CyberMiles token contribution (“Token Contribution”) for 700 million CMT, there will be a total of 1 billion CMT in circulation. Token Contribution is proposed to launch soon after incorporation of the CyberMiles Foundation. For further information and updates regarding the Token Contribution, prospective participants are invited to provide their email address at . Further updates and announcements regarding the timing and the details of the Token Contribution will be communicated through the website.

For more information about the ICO and other important update please watch the video below

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Easiest way to finding your dream Job (Mycro)

The new era for E-commerce

Hello everyone, my fellow blockchain believers I have come today with a another amazing news which will not only put food in your table ...