Friday, 16 November 2018

EtainPower: Trading Opportunities for Investors in Renewable Energy Sector

EtainPower is a renewable energy and trading ecosystem provided by both blockchain and artificial technologies. Embedded by a team of senior engineers from Silicon Valley, we implemented the revolutionary blockchain architecture to total global assets in renewable energy, allowing them to quickly and freely trade through our highly decentralized blockchain technology platform in a fast and secure way. Technology blockchain Definition Blockchain is an integrated technology for registering transactions using modern technology that has a unique code that cannot be changed (perpetual), which revolutionized the operation of the Internet, banking and other things. The meaning of the word Blockchain comes from Block and Chain, respectively, has its own meaning. watch the video below to know more about this great project

The etainpower designers has expansive inclusion in the new imperativeness blockchain field and man-made intellectual competence. We join blockchain and AI development and apply them to overall imperativeness frameworks with the purpose of breaking the standard vitality beast's controlling foundation position and passing on bona fide decentralization to savvy vitality biological community.
This stage is building up a hotspot for sustainable power source which will be accessible for every one of the general population over the globe. Thus the advancement of sustainable power sources is started the whole way across the globe, the originators of this undertaking envisioned that a stage like EtainPower expected to encourage exchanging office for this new market.
They will likely work for the advancement of sustainable power source assets and bolster the financial specialists in making while at the same time taking a shot at sustainable power source ventures. Despite the fact that the world is effectively supporting the utilization of sustainable power source assets, there are still some real issues influencing this vision. Vitality emergencies are happening over the globe basically on account of restricted supply of petroleum products. The requests for inexhaustible power is expanding and yet the originators of sustainable power source extend likewise need to diminish the cost of introductory speculation to shape their plans viably and increase great benefit.
Individuals who will put resources into a sustainable power source, will increase better open doors for speculation and making benefit at EtainPower. In the event that you join this stage and put resources into its vision, it would be a lot less demanding for you to put into sustainable power sources and discover the methods for making benefit.
As the official site supports, the EtainPower group incorporates experts who have invested a very long time in the fields of the blockchain, man-made brainpower, and sustainable power source. They are joining the AI and Blockchain advances to determine the issues related to worldwide vitality requests and supply. This stage has a dream of expelling customary vitality goliaths from the focal position and executing a decentralized arrangement in which each financial specialist can make benefit.
Tokenized Renewable Reuse of
our energy token
Continuous increase in the cost of an EPR marker
Intelligent Utilities
Sale of Tokens
EPR Token
Price 1 ETH = 65,000 EPR
Ethereum Platform
Acceptance of ETH
Country Malta
White List / KYC No
for more information visit
Twitter: / EtainPower_io
Instagram: https: //
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