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Motivation although difficult to quantify is considered to be the single largest factor in developer productivity. There are suggestions that low motivation has been implicated in software development project failure; findings also revealed that motivation of software development teams have a positive impact on the productivity and the quality of developers’ quality of work. However, many employers in software development companies fail to understand the significance of employee motivation in accomplishing the vision and mission of their organization, and even when they do, they lack the skill and knowledge to provide a work environment that fosters employee motivation. In software development life cycle, using a process that creates both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation benefits both team members and the company itself. Equity theory suggests that managers promote high levels of motivation by ensuring that employees believe in their own outcome, this gives a sense of achievement and responsibility to the employee, other factors include but not limited to creating a non hostile work environment and good remuneration of workers. When software developers can directly benefit and make profit from the products they are developing for their firms, there will definitely be enhancement of motivation on the part of the employee. Unfortunately, this mode of motivation is not common in the world of today. However, a consulting and software development company named ZANFAU has introduced a cryptocurrency, ZAN COIN for the enhancement of employee motivation especially in the software development life cycle.
Zanfau aims to move the software developing life cycle (SDLC) to an entirely new level and they intend to achieve with the use of blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency named ZAN coin. It is believed that ZAN coin will facilitate success by serving as a means of rewarding its freelance developers thereby contributing to their productiveness.
·        Developing of ZAN Coin would benefit immensely from it as 50% of the entire supply would be shared amongst them, this serves as a form motivation on their part and encourage them to work on development of better products.
·        A certain percentage of the entire supply -20% goes to investors who are interested in making profits with the ZAN Coin. They would benefit by receiving dividends as soon as payment for a project comes through
·        When Zanfau company runs out of ZAN, they buy back coins from anyone willing to sell on the open market, by so doing, there is a guarantee of an increase in price of ZAN as at every point, demand will be available either by Zanfau or by investors. The buy-back option is a distinct feature of ZAN Coin and it is a way to keep the coin circulating and to protect its growth
·        Dividend benefits: At the end of every sale, 505 of entire profit made goes to Zanfau, while 50% goes to holders i.e investors and developers.
Coin Ticker: ZAN
Type: ERC-20 (Based on Ethereum blockchain)
Maximum Supply: 17,148,385
Pre Sale: 15th– 22nd May 2018 (1 ETH= 1500 ZAN)
ICO Round 1: 5th-12th June 2018 (1 ETH= 1200 ZAN)
ICO Round 2: 1st-8th July 2018 (1 ETH= 900 ZAN)

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21st century is a standout amongst another century that I have ever encounter have favored the general population of this present age with some stunning highlights which have made our everyday life movement exceptionally less demanding and straightforward for us. This is a century that is being honored with the two most improving innovation which is the blockchain and web. With the assistance of this two innovation, a great many people are currently very rich people, moguls. With the assistance of the blockchain innovation, cryptographic money has been acquainted with us. Today 50% of the world make utilization of the fiat or computerized cash in multi-day or the other in running exchange and profiting from one nation to the next.
The monetarist ability natural framework NEXTY helps E-Trade and oddity new organizations propel proportions from gathering. NEXTY guarantees a cryptographic money named NTY by methods for different transcendent peaks, suppose, zero exchange expenses, moment exchange and twofold digital currency.
Dual digital money affirmation framework joins two sorts of cryptographic money working in parallel. The past called NTY, is the essential advanced cash for using as a piece of step by step trades. The last called NTF, is for trade assertion structure.
NEXTY natural framework fortify associations all things considered and expansions in a way where every single money related expert will beat obstacles of trading, and helping their inspectors in making courses of action for a prevalent prospect.
Nexty is a Fintech organization that helps web business and advancement new organizations to raise saves from arrange. Nexty is the principle organize with the help of zero trade charges. itself has a computerized cash named NTY with various transcendent features, for instance, Instant Transfer, Zero Transfer Fees, Price Stabilization System, and Dual CryptoCurrency.
In the Crypto world a considerable measure individuals don't have adequate vitality to waste in it again in light of the way that the rate at which the trade charge is extending is getting the opportunity to be intolerable, suppose where you have to make a trade of BTC starting with one bitcoin wallet then onto the next and the trade charger for each trade is 0.0003btc going before you will run 10 trade in multi-day you will talk about spending an epic measure of dollars.
Nexty stands the issue solver in the issue also as the experts are the best decision for the wiped out. With the guide of Nextyplatform, the issue recorded above will be a relic of days passed by. Basically on the other hand, in a business where you are working without paying cost wouldn't you agree the pay of that business will grow more than ever? Check the diagram underneath to see the considerable work of the power Next platform.
There is a certified number of reasons for putting resources into nexty the reasons are as per the going with:
Nexty is quick the degree that minutes exchange, nexty sharp edge tech improves convenient exchanges than some other saving money framework.
nexty is of greater centrality since you can make an exchange with a zero record. I.e nexty updates zero records exchange.
Regard alteration system. The rate of expenses in nexty is persevering through an immediate consequence of the illumination for their headway. Nexty costs do not change, its show a right regard dependability work. Their structure is controlled by a social event of expert cash related professionals, by then regulated under a robotized and decentralized framework.
The possible destiny of the Nexty condition is moving nearer and it is clear, with the utilization of Blockchain Technology which is formed from a cash outline with unrivaled features. 
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Memority the Completely decentralized, ultra-secure encrypted data storage on the blockchain.

The best thing that will ever happen to us as a human is a stress free society, just as the blockchain and the internet has brought about the most innovating technology of the 21st century today almost 85% of the universal make use of this amazing technology in one way or the other, likewise the internet is as important as the breath most people take in. whatever have an advantage also have a disadvantage, with this amazing features brought to us by the blockchain and the internet most opportunity has been created likewise crimes has also been created. People that are making use of most of this technology are always afraid of insecurity, loss of their data in case of system crass from virus infection.
In the past years most valuable documents have been lost and has become unrecoverable because of no backup of the file, this has become a major problem for computer users. And this has made some people to make their files which are document printable and send them to the bank for safe keeping, what about soft wares can they also be removed from the system and be send to the bank for safekeeping? The answer is No. this issue has given me a major concern and the curiosity on how to resolve the problem lead me to a well and organized decentralized blockchain platform called “
Memority is a decentralized blockchain platform that is design to encrypt decentralized cloud storage of valuable data. This is a system that automatically keeps 10 file copies on independent storages all over the world at all times. Files are encrypted with a private key obtained only by their owner while the account is created. Nobody can see the data without first decrypting it with this key.
Memority's main goal is to make an independent biological community that incorporates an assortment of uses to address the issues of organizations, government associations and people in the ultra-secure capacity of a wide range of profitable information.
The Memority API enables outsider engineers to make work area and online applications for decentralized scrambled stockpiling of different sorts of information without a long examination concerning specialized subtle elements of the blockchain innovation. Engineers of such applications are compensated with part of all information stockpiling instalments for records that were transferred with their applications. The illustration below explains a little of this;

As a user of the Memority platform there are some certain benefits which you will be opportune with which are not eligible to others which are not users as well, some of those benefits are;
1.   Data owners: can store information in a scrambled shape in a decentralized and totally secure way, paying for the capacity with MMR tokens. Likewise, he can give his circle space for information of different clients, turning into a hoster, and get tokens to pay for the put away information.

2.   Hoster - can receive MMR tokens for providing their disk space to users of the Memority, for providing a disk that will be used in the platform you will be eligible to receive MMR tokens as a reward for the services which you have rendered.

3.   Outsider engineers - will have the capacity to actualize their thoughts and make their own applications, utilizing the framework of Memority, also, getting MMR tokens for this.
To mention but a few and many other advantages which are been listed on the whitepaper
You may be tempted to ask yourself why you should choose Memority platform out of others. I must tell you that there is a big difference between Memority and another platform which claim to have the same features with it, check the link below to see the comparison  
Start date of public Pre-ICO: May 16, 2018
End date of the public Pre-ICO: May 30, 2018
ICO start date: May 31, 2018, ICO end date: October 1, 2018
Starting price of the EMT token: 0.1 USD

The current number of MMR tokens is 1,500,000,000. Their number will correspond to the amount of EMT at the end of the ICO so the same number of MMRs as the unsold EMTs will be destroyed. We will not sell MMR tokens; they can only be exchanged for purchased EMT at a rate of 1: 1.
With the little information which I have provided you can see reason with me why Memority good project for investment, for more information about the project kindly click on the links below;
          ANN TOPIC           WHITEPAPER           TELEGRAM CHAT
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Introducing bitstash block-chain (a crypto-currency market place)

This is owing to the reality that in today’s dynamic world, life without technology is worthless. As the world keeps on developing, technology will change and our requirements are met with great ease. Technology has brought advancement in block chains, through which the block-chain technology allows the free transfer of crypto-currency through a decentralized environment.
Technology has boosted every industry. Businesses are fully grown, creating more employment opportunities. The advancements in technology have led to the evolution of newer and faster modes of transport and communication system. The computer and Internet technologies are ubiquitous. They have changed every sector; be it business, tourism, education, entertainment and many others. Technology has touched every aspect of life, making it easier, better and different. Technology has changed living. Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. With technology, blockchain /platforms are available to us that makes it easier to grow our income in different currencies. Different platforms are being developed in other to bring buyers and sellers from a different part of the world together.
Have you not head, how the world is tremendously trending with the use of the internet. The coverage of internet around the world has made it easy for an individual to trade online, people are able to trade in different currency around the world today with the use of the internet. Some people are bounds on wasting their time and money on the internet without earning anything in return while there is a trending platform in which they can use to make money. There is no platform better than BitStash, With BitStash you can easily earn and spend cryptocurrency from your wallet within the My Account section. It is a platform that allows you as a seller to set your shipping locations, pricing, and options. Including your return policy (which is recommended), Bitstash is a platform where you don’t need to download anything before using it. You can Easily create an account with BitStash and start buying or selling!. Watch the video on the link below 

BitStash is a peer to peer (P2P) crypto commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers to purchase or list products, goods or services. The BitStash platform provides a simple and secure marketplace for users to transact seamlessly with each other and with the trusted protection provided by the escrow system. 16.8 Trillion USD is spent annually on products, goods or services all around the world. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly and it is becoming easier to transact across borders. This opens the door for BitStash to scale globally and provide millions of people around the world the opportunity to open an online store and earn cryptocurrency; economically developing countries can greatly benefit from this. BitStash will be implementing several language translations for ease of use for all users across this platform.
The BitStash marketplace is where members can buy or sell new items for Crypto-currency. It is 100% FREE to join the BitStash marketplace. As a member of BitStash, you will have a secure Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet to use at your leisure. BitStash aims to be the primary solution for sourcing trusted vendors that accept crypto-currency and STASH Tokens as payment. All vendors will offer quality productions on the website to ensure consumers have a quality experience on the platform. There is a 100% working platform that is currently live and accepting vendor applications all across the globe.
Utilizing the BitStash Marketplace is extremely easy to use for both vendors and members. Simply create an account, select whether you are a vendor or consumer. After the registration has been completed, you will have an active account on BitStash. This means you now have a secure Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet.

The challenges listed below are mostly the problems vendors, manufacturers and retailers faced in other platforms:
• Some mainstream marketplace/stores are not using Crypto-currencies and digital assets, this is significantly reducing the awareness, adoption, and usability of Cryptocurrency as a whole.
• It is very hard to find places that will accept cryptocurrency, but if you are a vendor, a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or a retailer, it can be very expensive for you to sell your products online. Lots of the popular marketplaces require a monthly subscription to be paid in order to sell on their platform. For example, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Alibaba, etc. In addition to their monthly selling fees, users on the various platforms are also subject to their processing and transaction fees that take away from the vendor’s or seller’s profit. In the end, this is driving common products to be overpriced to pay these marketplace owners. Over time, these fees increase from platform to platform; causing the price of products to rise as well. This is a very bad long-term model.
• Large and small marketplaces often tend to charge a high rate for advertising on their platform. They are not transparent at all when it comes to their “Organic and Paid” displays. There are some options that are sponsored; however, in many cases when you, as a seller, are a paying an advertiser to advertise select products, the products that are not being advertised will appear higher in search naturally. Big companies such as Amazon and eBay do this for select big-budget advertisers. This use of “recommended advertising” is hurting smaller vendors, or those trying to start out, and takes away from a truly fair global marketplace. Manipulating the user experience or search results reduces the user’s ability of finding what they are looking for as a result of high cost of advertising.
• If you are savvy enough to find other crypto-currency marketplaces online, then you have found that just about all of them will require you to download and install their program to run the client. This can be extremely confusing for some vendors or customers, and reduces the overall experience that is already natural for most consumers. Most consumers will completely lose interest and move on to something else that is more convenient and easily accessible, which in turn will greatly reduce the opportunity for vendors and sellers to earn a sufficient stream of income via their marketplace.
BitStash offers a lower possible marketplace fee, In fact, the cost will only decrease over the course of time and the marketplace seller fees will not be a monthly subscription, but will pay a maximum of 3% of the total order. Currently, BitStash can process payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. After the crowd sale, an internal exchange and integration of STASH Tokens will be developed. Before the end of the crowd sale, three additional tokens will be listed, which can be used for transactions on the BitStash Marketplace, unlike another platform which is unable to use other crypto-currency. BitStash has a 100% functional web application that can be accessed from all computers, mobile phones, and smart devices that have internet connectivity. This allows BitStash to reach the mainstream consumer base. Any vendor that does not wish to download or install any programs on their machine can avoid this completely. In addition, you can easily login anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. The security of your crypto-currency is something the teams of BitStash prioritize and take very seriously. There is a lack of trust on the internet, especially within the crypto-currency space; which is why BitStash has designed and implemented its cutting-edge escrow system. This ensures delivery of product orders and payments. In the event that an ordered item is not delivered or can’t be verified as delivered, funds will not be an issue to the vendor. Once a support ticket has been opened and resolved, the customer's funds will then be returned. This platform has gone a great length to ensure that vendors and customers stay 100% satisfied with the resolution process.
By incorporating an escrow system into the BitStash Marketplace, you are ensured of a safe and secure marketplace for everyone to transact freely free of issues. If a vendor does not submit tracking details and verify the delivery of ordered products from the vendor, the buyer will receive a 100% refund. BitStash is the best trending platform in the marketplace, join
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Since 1980’s-2008, technology has drastically changed the way things have been going. This is a new era of technology which has gone as far as making things more easier and efficient. Technology has erased the old way of living and has built an easy, fast and efficiency industries, therefore reducing the rate of delay and functioning capacities of the industry. I compliment the superfluous work of technology in the sector of communication. Information is spread like a wildfire around the world through technological possible means. Also in the sector of the electronic device, technology has gone so far in contributing to the development of some sophisticated types of equipment that are used by the medical doctors in the hospital for more efficient work.
     Back In the early 1960’s, there was no cell phone, palmtop, DVD device etc. but in this century, the revolution of technology has been of great impact to our society. The use of cell phone of a different product is now versatile in the society. This is all possible by the perfect work of technology.  All thanks to technology, I mean a very big thanks to the assistance that technology has rendered to human life, Mostly in the sector of block-chain. Technology has contributed to the growth of block-chains, through which individuals are able to carry out their business online and run their transaction through the use of block-chain technology. Permit me to introduce you to Organicco, this is a perfect work of technology that was brought to you by a professional team. They have worked very hard in other to put together this wonderful platform so that you and the entire public would benefit from it. All thanks to the team members: a person of Mr Vipu Patel, Sir Paul Herrbach, Mr Jon Ure, Sir Bing Hu, Mr Rashed Bello and many more who have contributed to the success of this platform.
       Organicco Limited was created after more than ten years of research and development into green-tech products, and with over two million pounds of investment. Based in the United Kingdom, Organicco will be responsible for managing the funds raised by an initial coin offering and to increase the value of Organicco tokens. This focused primarily on green technology-related products and the funds raised will be used to develop projects via its subsidiary companies to create natural capitals such as organic fertilizers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuels. The target of this platform is to produce these natural capitals using its patented technologies to generate a continuous cash flow which in turn will be used to repay the capital investment with interest.  The ultimate goal of Organicco is to play a major role in the worldwide production of food using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuel. The teams of this platform aim to raise funds through an initial coin offering of Organicco tokens which will be used in the development of several projects in the green and Agri-tech industries in the UK, Canada and South East Asia.
     The funds will be lent to the associated companies to develop these projects using green technology solutions called eco-HERO and eco-DRYER, which produce organic fertilizer and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic materials. The team will also produce small quantity biomass fuels from mixed waste materials using yet another of their technology solutions, eco-REDUCER. Finally, they will be producing renewable energy and renewable fuels, from unwanted organic materials. The funds will also be used to create a low cost and fast international payment platform based on block-chain technology, called easy-Payer. The teams in this platform posit themselves as unique because they will not be listing easy-Payer tokens on crypto exchanges. Rather, easy-Payer tokens will be backed up by liquid assets, and its currency value will be determined by independent, reputable auditors. The price of the easy-Payer token will not suffer the major instabilities like other crypto-currencies. This will enable them to accept all major fiat currencies through this platform in exchange for the easy-Payer token.
The global industrial waste management market is worth around $1,442 Billion. The UK Organic/ Food Waste industry is valued at approximately £500 million of which only 18% is realised by the few waste management operators existing in the UK. Consequently, there are wasted opportunities and these need to be tackled. At a forum held in Rome in 2014, a senior UN official of the Food and Agricultural Organization said that if current rates of soil degradation continue all of the world’s topsoil could be gone within 60 years. This is caused by extensive farming methods including the use of chemicals and pesticides. This is a problem that urgently needs addressing and converting unwanted organic materials into organic fertilizer helps prevent this effect and create a naturally closed loop cycle. The second major problem we are attempting to solve concerns payment in the export market. The letter of credit and insurance cost are very high and takes time to set up. Additionally, payment is made when goods are delivered, which can be a problem if there is no Letter of Credit. This creates a high risk of none payment. Moreover, conventional banking and even FX trading takes time and comes with a cost and additional risks. The teams of this platform aim to eradicate such problems through their easy-Payer Technology, the full details of which will be explored later.

The easy-payer technology is a low-cost international payment platform designed to replace the letter of credits and invoice factoring that is fast, safe and easy to use. When a client from overseas buys fertilizers at an agreed volume and price, they have to provide proof of funds, normally by letter of credit or make an up-front payment. By utilizing the easy-Payer system, the client buys easy-Payer tokens using their preferred fiat currency is accepted on easy-Payer using the web or a mobile app. A transaction fee of 0.50% will be charged for this service plus the mining fee. The easy-Payer token is valued with real assets by independent auditors, which fixes the value at the time of purchase. The client allocates these tokens towards the purchase of the fertilizer and this authorization cannot be withdrawn. This provides the organicco team with the comfort that the client has sufficient funds to trade and he can only refuse the product based on poor quality or insufficient volume. If there should be a dispute it will be referred to an independent ombudsman and will aim to have a resolution within 28 days. When the client is happy with the quality and quantity of the received goods, the easy-Payer tokens are released to the team. It can be done simply by an app on client’s mobile phone that confirms payment to the app on the delivery driver’s mobile device. If this transaction method of payment has any technical glitch then payment can be manually through a double or treble authentications method. Once payment is released, it will then be converted to their local currency and pay a transaction fee of 1.5%. Through this platform, other terms of payment can be agreed, for example, stage payments.

  The easy-Payer tokens are backed with real assets and not listed on crypto exchanges. Easy-Payer technology is mainly for commercial trades like a dairy farmer who wishes to be paid on delivering milk, or a business who trades cross borders on credit.         
Organicco teams are here to help! If you have any problems you can get in touch with them. You can call on 0333 939 8131 or send your email to enquiry@ with any question you may have about the ICO or simply just to get to know the platform.
                   For more information contact organicco on the links provided bellow
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